The Owner

Nu Wave Era was founded in the heart of New York in 2015 by visionary entrepreneur Shamon A. Clay. Shamon saw that most hair stuff on the shelves was packed with nasty chemicals that did more harm than good. After trying natural hair products designed for women and finding them unsuitable due to their sweet scents, feminine packaging, and a mismatch with his hair styling needs, he decided to create a brand that is tailored for Black men. This led to the creation of Tsunami Cream Moisturizer, and after a year of experiement, has expanded the line. Nu Wave Era aims to redefine men's hair care with organic, grease-free products.

Our Philosophy

We believe that hair care is self-care. That’s why our products are designed to empower our customers to look, feel, and be their best. We stand for:

  • Natural ingredients: We’re all about using ingredients that come straight from the earth. They’re better for your hair and the planet.
  • Bigging up our roots: We celebrate the beauty and diversity of Black hair with products made just for you.
  • Keeping it green: From our products to our packaging, we’re doing our bit to look after the earth.